Monday is my favourite time of year

Its my EEEEIIIIII! face for Heikko Ehkä
Monday is my favourite time of year

Alestorm fans turn up!

We are off to Alestorm!

The only way a pirate metal band can celebrate Let’s-Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day: wearing two eyepatches (source)

good to see that Alestorm are nationally recognised

Anonymous asked: If you notice someone tomorrow at the alestorm concert rushing in 45 minutes late that's me because I forgot to ask for a day off at work so I can't leave there until 7 pm. Anyway, have fun!

ahah alright well if you notice some one wearing a kilt with an Amon Amarth patch on the front, come and say hi! lets get ready to party pirate style! :)

Will I see any of you crazy Dutch followers at the Alestorm show tomorrow?!


Claws of the Dragon / Senja, Norway by: Andrew

(via rafnhildr)


Carcass- Surgical Steel, album art cover.